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At this site a web game is defined as one of the following:

A Win95and/or WinNT Game using Microsoft’s DirectPlay API from their DirectX SDK.

A Win95and/or WinNT IRC Server Game either using a game client you have written or a 3rd party IRC Client.

A Win95 and or WinNT server only game outputting HTML to a remote browser via CGI, ISAPI, NSAPI, WSAPI, or JAVA.

A Win95 and/or WinNT client/server game in which all output is sent from a Win95/NT server you have written to a windows based client you have written and not a browser.

A Win95and/or WinNT Telnet Server Game either using a Telnet game client you have written or the standard Telnet Client.


1. The intention of this site is to promote interactive web games that will work on multiple Win95 and/or WinNT Web Servers either in conjunction with the HTTP server or as a standalone server which will operate on it’s own port on the same machine as the Web Server. ISP’s and Web Server operators are hungry for add on entertainment applications and that is what we are all about here – promoting this type of development!

2. Because of rapidly changing technologies I will consider making additions to the definitions above on a case by case basis but the end product must be Win95 and/or WinNT capable. If you think this list should be expanded then send an email to me with your reasoning and I’ll consider it.

If you are a developer, programmer or ISV developing Windows or JAVA based Internet web games for sale through commercial or shareware means to Web Server Operators, ISPs or direct to players, then you are the audience this site is targeted toward!

Those who come to this site share a common vision of independent Web Game producers or companies developing and selling their Web Games in a mass market manner rather then to large game networks. It is our joint belief that herein lies the future of Web Games on the Internet!

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